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Fri 28 Nov 2014
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Trade opportunities

It has been an exciting few weeks for New Zealand on the international stage. Not only have we had international world leaders visiting our beautiful country, the Government has also been involved in three large international gatherings to discuss global trade - the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiations, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit and the G20 Summit. These international events showcase our country as a player in the global marketplace with the ultimate aim of attracting more migrants, more diversity and enriching our country.

As a government, we are focussing on growing an even stronger economy. This is the best way to improve the lives of all New Zealanders. We plan to keep government spending under control with a relentless focus on returning to surplus and achieving our long term goal of reducing net Crown debt.

One of the ways to continue to make progress on strengthening New Zealand’s economy is to continue to improve trade. Improving trade means businesses can grow and more New Zealanders can gain jobs and higher incomes.

The TPPA aims to create a regional free trade agreement involving 12 Asia Pacific countries. The trade agreement, once complete, will help open up more markets for Kiwi exporters.

Mon 10 Nov 2014
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Security at home and abroad

In recent weeks international security has been in the headlines. As New Zealanders have been watching events unfold in the Middle East the Government has turned its mind to the role that we need to play as international citizens. Last week the Prime Minister gave an important speech on national security which outlined the threat that the terrorist group ISIL poses both globally and to New Zealand.

The Government takes its national security obligations very seriously. We have an obligation to ensure New Zealanders are safe at home and abroad. ISIL exposes New Zealand to a type of threat that we lack both the legislative tools and resources to combat.

Sadly, there are individuals here who are attracted to carrying out domestic attacks of the type we have seen in Canada, and luckily prevented in Australia. NZ agencies have a watch list of between 30 and 40 people of concern who may wish to become foreign fighters for ISIL.

Fri 24 Oct 2014
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Thank you!

This is my first newsletter since the recent elections and I want to say a huge thank you. To the 21,000 people that voted for me - I appreciate you putting your faith in me again. To the hundreds of volunteers and supporters - I wouldn't be in this job without your unwavering support.

Parliament goes back

This week the 51st Parliament was opened with two important ceremonial occasions. Firstly the Commission Opening of Parliament where MPs were sworn in. Secondly with the State Opening of Parliament where His Excellency, the Governor-General of New Zealand, Sir Jerry Mateparae outlined the Government's agenda for the next three years. These ceremonies have been undertaken in New Zealand since Parliament first met in Auckland in 1854.