Great fanfare for Taiwan film festival

Thursday, August 25, 2016

It was a true celebration of art and culture.

The Taiwan Film Festival kicked off on Friday at Hoyts Cinema, Sylvia Park with the Macang dance company putting up a an indigenous Taiwanese dance performance.

Another group of young students drummed up excitement with traditional Japanese drums.

Dr Chou director general of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office invited the guests, the who’s who of the local Asian community at the red carpet event where the flashbulbs kept popping nonstop.

He also acknowledged heads of various charities including KidsCan Charitable Trust and St John that the Taiwanese community have been contributing to.

Also spotted was Lucy Knight, who was hit on the back of her head when she intervened in a back snatch at a supermarket a while ago. 

Mrs Knight has made headlines when in an attempt to save a Chinese woman she hit her head, fracturing her skull and suffered a brain bleed.

The film festival which was organised by the Taiwanese Business Association honoured all those that the Taiwanese community have been supported by.   

It was a good opportunity for politicians including Botany MP Jami-Lee Ross, and councillors Sharon Stewart and George Wood to use a smattering of Mandarin as they reached out to a diverse community that had turned up in large numbers.

Being election time, none of the politicians missed a chance to woo the voters.   

The film that kicked off the festival was The Boar King which is about a devastating typhoon that destroyed a village in the southern part of Taiwan.

Woven into the tragedy was a love story along with other subplots that showcased village life in Taiwan.

Award winning director of The Boar King Chien-Ti Kuo had specially flown in for the film festival to share her thoughts on the movie.